NH1 News Critique


When you first visit the NH1 news website you see a very user friendly and professional looking website. There are interactive menus, widgets and links to their various social networks. There are also sections dividing the site into specific categories. The latter is the only issue that I had with the website. The first articles that catch the eye are obviously the hero images on the home page about which emus are the cutest, newly wed cycling enthusiasts, a Mom whose boyfriend believes her daughter was possessed by Satan, and other “fluffy journalism” that nobody actually needs to know. However, if you can resist those pieces of critical information and look past the bells and whistles you will see stories about government and other relevant information as far as New Hampshire and the rest of the world. Stories about New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation, local drug take-back days, and Northern California Wild fires are just a few to use as examples. So is the NH1 news website educational, informational, and up to date? Yes, but you have to dig through some fluff and advertisements a bit to get those educational stories.

Podcast Critique- Getting Doug With High


I chose to critique Doug Bensons podcast “Getting Doug With High” because I cannot stand the sight of the guy so I probably won’t like the sound of his voice alone. Doug Benson is a guy who from what I’ve seen thinks he’s hilarious because he pretends to be way more high than he is all the time and people think it’s hilarious. Others see through the exaggerated squinty eyes and cheesy grin to see that he is actually not that funny. “Getting Doug With High” features special guests who come on the show who seem to have little to no interest smoking a bunch of weed with this boring guy while he seems to talk more than any of them. I listened to the episode where he has the cast of workaholics come on the show and aside from Adam, the talkative one anyway, the whole podcast just seems awkward with forced conversation. I can only listen to people talk about weed in real life so much before i lose it and this show is no exception. Don’t get me wrong, great stuff, but weed is a conversation subject that has been beaten into the ground by lazy comedy like this. The cast of Workaholics made me laugh a few times but a show is only as good as it’s host. I don’t mean to rag on the guy so much but come on Doug Benson, we all saw you in “Super High Me” and if I thought it was actually funny maybe I’d subscribe to your podcast too. All this show did for me was make me want some snacks.

Blog Critique- Gawker


I did not entirely remember the options that we had as far as Critiquing a blog for our class went, but one blog name that i did remember was Gawker. I remembered it because i googled top 10 blogs and it was on almost every list. I google searched gawker and right off the bat so the site at the top of the search results page with the tagline “today’s gossip is tomorrow’s news” and instantly knew i wanted to rip it apart. On wikipedia 4/5 of the gawker page is dedicated to it’s many controversies. And i know that wikipedia is not a reliable source but this is a whole new breed of corrupt “journalism” if you want to call it that. Gossip and news are two completely different things and they’re proudly rubbing their website in everyone’s faces and people seem to be eating it up. Scrolling through the gawker homepage there are several posts that back the old saying “if it bleeds it leads.” I have never seen a collection of so many stories about guns and black violence short of world star hiphop; that along with celebrity gossip and stories that have no credible sources or even a hint of “necessary.” All in all you really don’t even have to read into any of the garbage on the site as it appears to be designed to inflict attention deficit on it’s visitors. If you’re looking to waste time and maybe have a couple cheap laughs maybe this is the sight for you.